University of Bristol Testbed

The Testbed

The University of Bristol’s 5GUK Test Network has a few primary sites: Smart Internet Lab (central datacenter), We The Curious (Science Centre, Bristol), M-Shed (Museum, Bristol) and Pump Rooms (Roman Baths, Bath). Our Test Network includes heterogeneous technologies with a mix of opensource and proprietary solutions along with customized network monitoring and slicing solutions. The Edge Computing nodes are spread across all the primary sites to support the use-case deployments.

Radio Solutions at UoB:



UoB Fibre Network:

The core backhaul of the UoB’s Test Network includes a network of fibre connections spread across the city, providing a high performance and dynamic testbed to the experimenters. Figure-1 shows the fibre layout of the UoB’s infrastructure. Smart Internet Lab is the main node of the infrastructure connecting all fibres to the datacenter. The endpoint of INITIATE JANET link also ends at the Smart Internet Lab. The test network shown in figure-1 is still expanding with points shown in green are the ones established, yellow are the work in progress and blue are the planned connections in UoB infrastructure.