We are pleased to announce our rescheduled virtual INITIATE workshop on Monday 20th May 2020.

This special event will provide a first look at state-of-the-art proof of concepts (PoC) relating to the application of technologies such as 5G, Haptics, IoT, Immersive and LiFi across our specialist distributed, national network.Technology companies, start-ups or universities could benefit from this unique workshop by potentially building a new product or improving an existing product by testing in multi-site and distributed environments provided by INITIATE.

Working closely with INITIATE, you will be engaging with leading partners from cutting-edge laboratories at the Universities of Bristol, Lancaster, Edinburgh and King’s College London and Digital Catapult.

The workshop will allow experimenters and innovators to bring future concepts for development into the programme and challenge the testbed owners on key concepts addressed on the testbed.

The day will consist of two online sessions. During the morning webinar, INITIATE partners will present the project, its testbeds’ capabilities and the INITIATE portal. In the afternoon session the Consortium will present use cases and run smaller subject specific group discussions.

Please register your interest here.