Lancaster University

InfoLab21  is internationally renowned for driving pragmatic systems research on all aspects of communications systems. InfoLab21, has received major funding from (inter)-national bodies to establish a world-class R&D and commercialisation centre. UoLan is widely recognized for its world leading networking research, particularly in computer network architectures and services, quality of service (QoS) resilience, security, content distribution, and SDN/NFV and will bring these key areas of expertise to INITIATE. Prof. Hutchinson was a pioneer in the formation of the EU FIRE programme and helped to establish the FIRE Network of Excellence (NoE) in Internet Science.

Professor David Hutchison – School of Computing and Communications

Professor Hutchison is an international leader in the areas of computer communications, networking and distributed multimedia systems for more than 25 years.  He is one of the originators of the EU FIRE Network of Excellence (NoE) in Internet Science, and previously of the E-NEXT NoE, and is a founder of the UK Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network (DC-KTN), now the ICT-KTN.  He is an editor of the Springer LNCS and the Wiley CNDS book series.  He has worked on network aspects of QoS since the early 1990s and now focuses on resilience and security in the context of future computer networks and the protection of critical infrastructures and networked services.